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Asset Management Service

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Asset Management Service


We manage equity, balanced, and fixed income portfolios on behalf of our clients.


We are a team of professional economists specializing in professional investment and asset management to provide guidance and assistance to principals as private clients and high-net-worth individuals, corporations & institutional investors, funding groups, trusts & foundations, and entrepreneurs.

Over years of experience back us when it comes to working in a serious, well-organized way to provide the customer with the greatest transparency and efficiency. We are here to explore innovative financial solutions and facilitate global investment potential for wealth creation and life quality enhancement by providing global reach and connectivity between capital markets and knowledge-driven Investors profiteering from yielding investments.



McKinley manages portfolios for high net worth individuals and multi-generational families. We integrate environmental, social, and governance factors into our equity, balanced, and fixed income portfolios, delivering both impact and performance to our clients. Our equity discipline overall emphasizes low turnover and a long-term investment horizon for individual stocks. For taxable clients, each portfolio is customized to optimize after-tax returns by offsetting capital gains where possible and carefully monitoring gains as they are accrued. We work closely with each client’s professional advisors, including accountants, planners, and attorneys, to coordinate investment gains with other taxable events.



McKinley has over two decades of experience managing institutional investment portfolios for numerous companies and organizations, including:

• Corporations

• Foundations

• Pension Funds

• Environmental Non-Profits

• Religious Organizations

• Government Projects

We help institutional investors integrate their mission-related values with their investment portfolios, combining impact with performance. Besides providing quality investment management, McKinley provides investment advisory services for institutions, including assistance with developing and monitoring investment policy statements, educating and presenting to investment committees, and working with third-party consultants to create comprehensively sustainable and responsible investment portfolio solutions.

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