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Please be aware of those non-licensed companies with the McKinley Group identity. 

Any business incorporating the McKinley name in any manner that is not otherwise listed below is not affiliated with McKinley Investment, LLC., or it's a group of affiliated companies.  We are not responsible for any claims or damages arising from the actions of a business unaffiliated with McKinley Investment, LLC or it's authorized affiliated McKinley Investment Group of Companies. Should you have any question about the identity of any of our affiliated group of companies, or whether any company using the McKinley name in any manner which implies it is an affiliated company of McKinley Investment, LLC, please contact us.

Mckinley innovation is in house company of Mckinley investment, which was founded for the purpose of performing new investment paradigm in the new technological business group(Energy, Environment, IT, Entertainment, Social Contribution Business, and etc.) . This company was founded by planning department of Mckinley investment to establish Mckinley investment group's innovative and creative management strategy.


•Company Name ;


•Date established ;

 May 2023.

Website/email ;


•Business areas.  

- Renewable Energy

- Technology business due to environmental change,Smart city planning.

-  Resort, theme park, water park planning.

-  Project finance, loans, money management, etc. International  financial business

-  National project support(PF, Technology, Plan)

-  Social contribution business.

-  Green Climate Change Technology Foundation in House( Technology and Finance support)

-  Cultivate start-up companies with innovative technologies for the earth and humanity.

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