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"Our support is your future"

비즈니스 네트워킹 이벤트

All of our technologies and businesses are

We’re headed for people.

"Our company is headed for people"
"Our support is your future"
"Innovation and creation are our new pleasures"


McKinley Innovation company is

Mckinley innovation is in house company of Mckinley investment, which was founded for the purpose of performing new investment paradigm in the new technological business group(Energy, Environment, IT, Entertainment, Social Contribution Business, and etc.) . 
This company was founded by planning department of Mckinley investment to establish Mckinley investment Group's innovative and creative management strategy.

The business that McKinney Innovation pursues is a sustainable, and developable business in the future for the earth and human.

McKinley investment Group, the parent company of McKinley Innovation, provides project financing and asset management services for the state and businesses through its long-standing international financial operations.

Green technology/ people-centered technology

In order to provide people-oriented technologies and technologies for people, the company conducts technology projects to create public service and jobs, such as energy, environment, smart residential environment and entertainment.

Social contribution
We pursue the job creation and better quality of life through the investment of the industry , the technology, and the project that could be sustainable in the future of the country, and the area where we invested in.

Raised profits from the areas where the investments are applicable will be spent to support these area's industrial development and human-centered occupations(Education, Sustainable Growth Industry, Medical, and Advanced Farming and Fishery Industry), at no cost.


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