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Our Story

We are a International Marketing Exclusive Company to company of researching and developing world class optical security film technology.

Our Vision

hold World-class optical security technology.
certification of money and various commodities.
Various composite joining technologies that cannot be copied.

Optical security technology combined with IT security certification.


The highest level in the country using O-Liga technology,

Ultra-precision micro and nano pattern mould, complex mould.

three-dimensional security film,

Injection-moulded product having three-dimensional security element and producing method.

Optical design technology using optical simulation and optical design program.


How it works

Technology Introduction​

This technology is a three-dimensional security film applying a three-dimensional security technology is characterized by the ability to produce a variety of three-dimensional effect, such as spin pattern, nano-merge pattern, mosaic pattern. It is developed in double-sided type and single-sided type, and is made of security label and protective film by using the feature that is difficult to duplicate the film and is used in security area such as activation.
The three-dimensional security film is a technology for producing a three-dimensional effect with a sense of depth by increasing or reducing the nano / micro pattern on the lower part of the micro-lens through the magnifier principle.

This technology transfers the pattern onto both sides of the base film (PET-hard, PC-heavy, TPU-soft) using precision lens and two molds of nano / micro pattern a method of implementation.

Pptical simulation and optical design program.

Micro Optic 3D Security Technology

Dual security technology

Switching, Hidden, 3D effects, Nano Hologram


Materials : PC, PVC, PET, TPU

12um, 50um, 75um, 100um, 200um, 400um

Ultra Thin Film Optical Security Film.

Can be used for fiber, metal, etc.

This stereoscopic image has a 3D stereoscopic effect that feels a depth when looking at the object to be compared, and it has a feature of security effect because it looks 2D without stereoscopic effect when copying or taking a picture. This is the primary anti-counterfeiting factor applied to KRW 50,000 and

US $ 100 (new priesthood), which can be applied to various public security products and brand protection products.

The Business Times

"We have world-class optical security technology and production facilities"

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