The demand for resin Rebar is soaring year by year due to its excellent material characteristics such as labor cost, equipment cost, logistics cost reduction and work efficiency, structure life extension, maintenance cost reduction, and structure slimming.

Existing rebar

- corrosion
- heaviness
- Weak to salinity
- High vibration noise
- Weak to heat


- No corrosion
- lightness
- Weak in alkali

Our technology

- No corrosion.
- lightness.
- Excellent chemical resistance using

  unsaturated polyester resin.
- Interlayer noise reduction.
- Resistant to heat.

We manufacture production machines.

1. The mass production system of the weaving method.
2. No need for spool and spool equipment.
3. Infinite supply is possible by impregnating resin in the glass fiber for protrusion.
4. No skilled staff is required and automated ICT is possible.
5. It is possible to produce various shapes of products such as pipes with protruding surface.

Rein rebar production video.

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